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In 30 seconds, I open my EQUITAP account.
I will receive automatically 100 EQUITAPS

To create my
Equitap account:

  • I call the vocal server at +33 9 7211 5488. (french local call)
    Once the connection established, a voice will guide me through the Equitap service
  • My phone number is recognized.
  • I confirm I want to create an account linked to this number
  • I am asked to choose a 4 digit PIN code. (I will be asked for this authentication complement everytime I connect to EQUITAP.)
  • That's all! my account is created
    My wallet is automatically granted with 100 EQUITAPS .
    I just need to call back or connect the web interface to start giving my EQUITAPS to my friends.
    From now on, I can also receive Equitaps